Thursday, May 29, 2014

Classic Sci Fi Trailers: Early Trailer for Return of the Jedi Before Its Name was Changed

This clip is another throwback to the days when trailer-making wasn't quite the art-form it is today (when they can make any move look good), or perhaps it was just laziness because they new everybody was going to go see the movie anyway.  But the most interesting thing about this is that the movie is still titled REVENGE of the Jedi.  That's before George Lucas decided that revenge was too harsh of an action for his noble Jedi Knights who follow the light side of the force, and the movie that hit the theaters would eventually go out as RETURN of the Jedi.  But this is a fun throwback clip, even though its pretty short (probably planned as a TV spot).  Of course, this movie would represent the point when the rot would start to set in for the franchise and the product would become more important than the story, but it still had its moments and it was much better than the prequels that would push the franchise over the edge beginning in 1999.  And for another retro-Star Wars clip, take a look at the trailer for the first movie at this link.

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