Thursday, June 19, 2014

Sci Fi Trifles: No Sequel for You, Flash Gordon

So why was their never a sequel to the 1980 Flash Gordon movie even though it teased one just before the end credits rolled?

Flash Gordon, which starred Sam Jones as the title character, Melody Anderson as Dale Arden, and Max von Sydow as Ming the Merciless, was not a Box Office smash in the States, pulling in only $27 million vs. a $35 million budget. But apparently it did quite well overseas (neither Box Office Mojo nor has the numbers on its foreign tally, though), and there were early plans to do a sequel. But according to an interview with the film’s director, Mike Hodges, Sam Jones dropped out when he became annoyed with the director and producer and effectively killed the project. Apparently, Hodges had to film some additional scenes for the first film after the principal photography had been completed and Jones was not present during this because only his stunt double was needed for these action and special effects scenes. But the Flash Gordon character did need to say a few lines and Hodges had someone else impersonate Jone’s voice. When the actor found out, he was none too pleased and this led to him falling out with producer Dino De Laurentiis. Thus, according to Hodges “when you lose your main star there can't really be a sequel”. Had the first Flash Gordon movie been more successful at the Box Office, we’re guessing that something could have been worked out. But since it was perceived as a modest flop domestically, apparently Hodges and De Laurentiis decided to move on to other projects. But just think about what additional campy fun that sequel might have brought us . . .

Source: Total Sci-Fi Online

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